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Wakoopa adds downloads and screenshots:

I use Wakoopa to track the software I use so I can see what I use most often. (I recommend it for this purpose as well.) The Wakoopa blog reports this week that they've added some interesting new features to the service.

The regular surfers on Wakoopa may have already noticed it, but we’re now announcing it for everybody interested: we’ve added downloads and screenshots to our software pages.

Out of the survey-responses these were much requested features and we think they are indeed a valuable addition to the software pages.

Check for instance our own tracker page. On the right side of the page there is the clear download button and a selection of the available screenshots.

As with our other meta-data on software, we’re relying on our users to be so kind to submit download links and upload screenshots. So feel free to provide downloads and screenshots for your favorite applications.

So next time you receive an alert of your contact using a new game or if you’re looking for the right tool for the job, look at the screenshots and download the application with just a couple of clicks. Enjoy!

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