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Visual Studio Documentary

Microsoft's Channel 9 has released a fascinating two-part video documentary of the history of Visual Studio, appropriately titled Visual Studio Documentary. It's an hour long (split into two 30-minute parts) and covers Microsoft's development efforts dating back to MS-DOS, OS/2, and the original version of Visual Basic:

Not only did we sift through hundreds of videos and assets but we sat down for an intimate conversation with those that were there since the very beginning: Scott Guthrie, Dan Fernandez, Jason Zander, Tim Huckaby, S. Somasegar, Dave Mendlen, Dee Dee Walsh, Mardi Brekke, Jeff Hadfield, Alan Cooper, Anders Hejlsberg, and Tony Goodhew.

Part One dives into MS-DOS, OS/2, Windows, Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual Basic 2.0, Visual Basic 3.0, Microsoft Visual C++, Visual Interdev, FoxPro, Visual Studio 97, ASP.NET and the early days of Microsoft's Dev community.

It's available for web viewing, of course, but also in various downloadable formats that are iPod, Zune, and Windows Media Player friendly.

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