What is the VMware Player?

A. VMware has released a player module that's compatible with nearly all virtual machine (VM) hard disk formats including that of Microsoft Virtual PC and its configuration file format. The VMware Player can provide the virtual environment in a run-only mode; you can't create new VMs with the player. However, in some tests the VMware Player performs better than full virtual clients, such as Microsoft Virtual PC. You can download the player at http://www.vmware.com/products/player/ , and the installation is simple, consisting of a few basic questions about where to place shortcuts.

When started, the player can open a VMware Configuration file (.vmx), a Virtual PC/Server configuration file (.vmc), or a Symantec Live Recovery file (.sv2i) and will import the settings and create a .vmx file format configuration for future use. This avoids the need to import the "foreign" configuration formats.

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