VMworld 2015 Keynote Day 2: Microsoft and VMware Team up for Windows 10 Management and VMware Releases NSX 6.2

VMworld 2015 Keynote Day 2: Microsoft and VMware Team up for Windows 10 Management and VMware Releases NSX 6.2

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The VMworld 2015 day two keynote kicked off with VMware executive vice president Sanjay Poonen discussing VMware’s goals to support any application and any device.  He stated that broad application and device support have been one of VMware’s goals since VMware initially launched the VMware Workspace Suite back in the Paul Maritz days. He went on to point out how VMware’s Horizon had leap frogged past Citrix in Gartner’s magic quadrant for desktop virtualization. 

Project A2 & Microsoft  Windows 10
Sanjay then announced project A2 which is the combination of VMware’s AirWatch device management service and its App Volumes application delivery technology. He explained how the new release of A2 provides support for deploying and managing both virtual as well as physical desktops. Then in a surprise move he announced Jim Alkove Microsoft Corporate Vice President. This was the first time in the history of VMworld that a Microsoft executive has been on stage at VMworld. Sanjay jokingly referred to introduction of Alkove to be like the meeting of Gorbachev and Reagan. Jim went on to discuss that goal of Windows 10 was to simplify IT and Microsoft’s partnership with VMware was intended to help spread Windows 10 deployments in the enterprise. This also could be another indication of a more partner-friendly Microsoft under the helm of Satya Nadella. Project A2 is currently in tech preview and is expected to be released near the end of the year.

NSX 6.2
VMware also announced the release of NSX 6.2 their network virtualization software. In its second year, NSX has been deployed by over 700 customers with more than 100 production deployments. VMware stated that the goals of the new NSX 6.2 release were:

  • Security
  • Automation
  • Application Continuity

The new release provides support for multiple vCenters. VMware  also demonstrated how you can quickly clone NSX 6.2 networks using templates. Then they explained how NSX 6.2 helps to protect your data by providing in-flight and at-rest data encryption.

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