VMware Updates Virtual Desktop Manager

VMware announced the availability of VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2 (VDM2) this morning. Part of VMware's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution, VDM2 allows users to connect to virtual desktops in the corporate data center, and also gives IT Pros new tools to manage those virtual desktops. VMware VDI combines VMware Infrastructure 3 and VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2.

"VDM2 is a critical component of VDI," says Jerry Chen, VMware's unit director of their enterprise desktop business. "VDM2 enhances VDI by adding a layer of management and control...it also has some value-added features that support optional security encryption of virtual machines and remote USB devices."

According to Tony Arnett, a senior systems engineer with the Pentair Water Group that has been using a beta version of VDM2, the latest version of VDM includes a number of new features and improvements. "VDM2 fixed a lot of little bugs with VDM," says Arnett. "We're a big Wyse shop, and VDM2 fixed some issues we were having with VDM and our Wyse hardware."

Arnett works in an IT deaprtment of about 11 people at Pentair, and mentions that the new web management console in VDM2 has been improved significantly, and makes it easier for him to administer virtual desktops in their IT environment.

"VDM2 is definitely a significant announcement with respect to VMware's virtual desktop platform," says Michael Rose, a research analyst with IDC Research. Rose suggests that VDM2 (and by extension, VDI) helps VMware compete against similar solutions provided by Citrix and Microsoft, and helps give VMware a more compelling product story by having an end-to-end virtual desktop solution.

"Citrix and Microsoft have an advantage in terms of the infrastructure that extends outside of the datacenter, and the other virtualization technologies that will be leveraged within a dynamic desktop environment, such as Virtual User Session software via Terminal Services and application virtualization," says Rose. "Whereas VMware's virtualization platform has an advantage in terms of the capabilities of its virtualization infrastructure."

A 60-day evaluation version of VDI (which includes VDM2) is now available for download from VMware's Web site.


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