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VMware Releases Workstation 7.1.2 Update

You’ll find a new update for VMware Workstation the next time you power it on.  Version 7.1.2 includes a set of fixes for various operating systems, as well as some performance improvements for NAT networking.  I’ve been experiencing problems myself with NATted virtual machines since the 7.1.1 update.  I look forward to seeing if this fixes those problems.

Here’s what VMware’s website advertises as the highlights:

  • Added Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 support for Integrated Virtual Debugger’s live debugging mode.
  • Addressed issues with running Windows 7 SP1 Beta, RHEL 6.0 Beta and Fedora 13 in a virtual machine.  Each of these Operating Systems versions are still in development or have known issues, therefore they are not fully supported by VMware.
  • Made several performance improvements to NAT networking.
  • VMware Workstation 7.1.2 has been tested with the new standalone VMware Converter 4.3.  VMware Converter 4.3 now handles Windows 7!  Download VMware Converter for free.
  • Easy Install now supports older versions of CentOS.
  • Added Windows 2008R2 and Apache Server 2.2.15 support for ACE Management Server.
  • Read the VMware Workstation 7.1.2 release notes for more details.

Remember that you can always manually check for an update by clicking Help | Check for Software Updates Now inside Workstation.

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