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VMware Announces Developer Support Program

VMware announced today a for-cost support program for developers who build solutions using the vSphere API, SDKs, and command line interfaces.  From the press release:

Take advantage of expert assistance to guide your development process, including sanity checks, best practice recommendations, and work-around suggestions. Avoid exposing your proprietary code in public forums by interacting with knowledgeable VMware engineers in confidence. Choose from two service levels (Standard and Premium) to best meet your needs.

The program’s scope is perhaps best defined by this web page, which explains what falls under support and what doesn’t:

We support
  • Design Advice
  • Performance tuning advice
  • Code snippet review and advice
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Bugs report
We Don't Support
  • Production issues with customer code
  • End-to-end debugging of customer code
  • Development of customer code
  • Third party products used during development (e.g. IDE)

If you’re a software developer looking for better access to VMware assistance, check out

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