VMware Announces App Volumes 3.0

VMware Announces App Volumes 3.0

Find out what's new in App Volumes 3.0

This past February 2nd VMware announced the new release of App Volumes 3.0. I met with Sachin Sharma, product line manager for VMware App Volumes, End-User Computing to talk about the new features in VMware App Volumes 3.0. Sachin began by pointing out the problem that App Volumes is intended to solve is managing the delivery of applications to end users and then the on-going maintenance of those applications. Installing applications is a slow process that can be complex. There can also be high support costs to maintain those applications. VMware App Volumes is a real-time application delivery platform that handles application packaging, delivery and lifecycle management. App Volumes essentially virtualizes applications above the OS layer. These applications are them attached to a user’s virtual desktop. The new features in App Volumes 3.0 include:

  • AppToggle – Enables per user entitlement and installation of applications within an AppStack (a collection of App Volume applications). This reduces the number of AppStacks that need to be managed as well as reducing storage requirements.

  • AppCapture with AppIsolation – Provides a command line interface that enables the captures and updates applications to simplify application packaging, delivery and isolation.

  • AppScaling with Multizones – Allows integrated application availability across datacenters eliminating the need for additional software to replicate AppStacks between sites.

  • Integrated Application, User Management and Monitoring Architecture – Utilizes a new architecture that combines application and user environment management with monitoring. Built-in workflows provide easier app and user management.

  • Unified Administration Console – A new management interface provides a single pane of glass for application, user management and monitoring. The new admin view recognizes patterns to enable the easy creation of workflows.

App Volumes 3.0 is offered as part of VMware Horizon Enterprise and as a standalone solution. VMware App Volumes 3.0 will be available in three editions.

  • Standard – Priced at $60 per user this edition includes AppStacks, Writeable Volumes and integrated UEM.

  • Advanced – Priced at $100 per user this editions Includes enterprise management capabilities such as AppToggle, AppCapture with AppIsolation, and AppScaling.

  • Enterprise – Priced at $120 per user this edition Includes application monitoring in addition to the capabilities available in the Advanced edition.

You can check out a demo of App Volumes on YouTube at App Volumes Many Applications in Seconds.

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