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Virtualization Product Roundup for Nov. 15, 2010

Dot Hill Virtual Storage

Storage virtualization doesn't seem to get much press, but it can help make complex storage setups simpler. Dot Hill's now marketing virtual storage to smaller companies. According to a release from Dot Hill,

"Dot Hill AssuredUVS solutions — AssuredUVS Standard and AssuredUVS Datacenter — bring the benefits of storage virtualization to the SMB and SME markets, by combining the requisite software, servers and storage into a versatile appliance that can consolidate organizations' multi-vendor storage assets, improve storage efficiencies, simplify management and create more IT and business flexibility."

See for more information.

InMage vContinuum

InMage just released a new product for backing up VMware environments. According to their release,

"Highlights of vContinuum include: elimination of backup windows (data is backed up to disk real-time 24x7); application consistency (on Windows and Linux); long-term data retention on disk; file-level recovery within seconds; and optimized utilization of target storage capacity (target VMs are thin provisioned)."

See for more.

VKernel Chargeback

VKernel Chargeback for Hyper-V is aimed at addressing the problem of who pays for VMs. According to the product's site, it provides:

* Allocated or actual cost calculations

* Customizable memory, storage and CPU costs at the application level

* Custom group creation to group VMs with applications and business units

* Custom chargeback fields for daily allocation of additional costs like data center space

* Automated reporting that can be emailed out in PDF or XML format

VKernel posted this YouTube video explaining the concept:

See for more.

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