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Virtualization FAQs Roundup: XenApp, VDI

We run a lot of FAQs here at Windows IT Pro, so I like to collect some of them that cover a single topic into one place for easier reading sometimes. Here are some recent FAQs:

Q. In Citrix XenApp 6, when should I use published applications instead of streamed applications?

Q. In Citrix XenApp 6, what's the Citrix Delivery Services Console?

Q. What's a Worker Group in Citrix XenApp 6?

Q. In Citrix XenApp 6, when are Worker Group preference and failover policies useful?

Q. What PerfMon counters does XenApp 6 add to a Windows server?

Q. What command line utilities are available in Citrix XenApp 6?

Q. What's the CCA for XenApp 6?


Q. How can I configure the properties of my Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) RDP connections?

Q. What entries do I need in my RDP file to connect to a Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment?

Q. Does virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) replace traditional Terminal Services? I've asked different people and get different answers.

Q. I'm running a Windows 7 based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment and have some applications that only run on Windows XP. Can I run XP Mode inside the Windows 7 virtual machine (VM)?

Q. Are there any tools to help optimize my Windows images for use with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)?

Q. What licenses do I need to access a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment running Windows client OSs?

Q. If I'm not using a Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution for my VDI, do I still need Windows Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) or Software Assurance to access the Windows OS?

Q. If I try to use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to connect directly into my Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) in redirection mode, the connection fails. What can I do?

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