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Is there a Market for Micro-VDI, a.k.a. VDI-in-a-box? Will there be? PART 1

Hidden amongst the major ones, there was another announcement of note at last week’s Citrix Synergy conference.  Partner company Kaviza announced the beta of their 3.0 version of Kaviza VDI-in-a-box.  You can consider this product a highly-modularized version of the VDI platforms that are touted by the big boys.

Kaviza’s story is all about “affordable VDI”.  Using their product, Kaviza suggests that their customers will see positive ROI on deployments of 25 desktops or greater.

Now, while Kaviza’s particular manifestation of the “in-a-box” concept deals more with a scale-as-you-go infrastructure, it highlights the idea that what we think of as VDI could also potentially scale downward.

Allow me to explain.

We can all agree that VDI’s technologies today aren’t necessarily the solution for every IT problem.  Delivering applications to your users today can be accomplished through an ever-widening range of mechanisms – from simple software installation, through presentation virtualization, all the way up to full (and heavyweight) VDI infrastructures.

This “right-sizing” of the application delivery mechanism to the business needs of the app and user – to me – illustrates why Micro-VDI can be a smart move.

Click here to read Part 2 and find out why.

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