Scalability changes in ESX 6

Scalability changes in ESX 6

Q. What are the scalability changes in ESXi 6.0?

A. ESXi 6.0 offers a number of improvements to its scalability for the host and VMs (using the new hardware version 11). Below are the key changes.

Limit vSphere 5.5 vSphere 6 Improvement
Hosts per Cluster 32 64 2x
VMs per Cluster 4,000 8,000 2x
CPUs per Host 320 480 1.5x
RAM per Host 4 TB 12 TB 3x
VMs per Host 512 1,024 2x
vCPUs per VM 64 128 2x
Virtual RAM per VM 1 TB 4 TB 4x


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