Run XenServer VHD on Hyper-V

Run XenServer VHD on Hyper-V

Q: Can I take a virtual hard disk (VHD) used with a virtual machine (VM) running on Citrix XenServer and run directly on Hyper-V?

A: Although Citrix uses the Microsoft VHD format, XenServer has its own set of paravirtualized device drivers, the XenServer Tools, that are installed into the guest OS to give the highest network and SCSI performance.

You should remove these XenServer drivers after moving the VHD from a XenServer VM to a Hyper-V VM. The drivers don't need to be removed prior to using the VHD on Hyper-V, as they simply won't load when the VM runs on Hyper-V. However, this is very different from the VMware Integration Tools that do cause a problem if present when booting on Hyper-V. On Hyper-V, you might need to install the latest Hyper-V Integration Services inside the guest OS.

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