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Quest vWorkspace: Best of TechEd Interview

I met with Rob Mallicoat and Jon Rolls on Tuesday to talk about Quest vWorkspace.

quest booth

vWorkspace manages VDI and Terminal Services-style desktop virtualization from one database. In addition to management, it provides features such as automation, user experience enhancements, and WAN latency compensation.

By having one product that handles policies, security, and experience enhancements, vWorkspace can make managing your environment easier.

"It's much less management infrastructure to set up on the back side," Rolls said.

vWorkspace provides high availability features, and it integrates tightly with Hyper-V to make use of features such as dynamic memory and RemoteFX, for a high-quality user experience. It also supports ESX and can work side by side in mix-and-match environments. It has Android and iOS connectors and even provides Flash redirect technology on Linux.

vWorkspace can be licensed per user or device, on term licenses or perpetual licenses. The MSRP of the enterprise version of the product is $169 per user perpetual or $69 per user per year. For more information, visit the Quest vWorkspace page.

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