Q. What's Citrix Dazzle?

A. Before Citrix Dazzle, administrators were responsible for managing which applications and content were available to which users. While this management works well in smaller environments, it can grow unwieldy as the size and complexity of a Citrix deployment grows large. At some point, the matrix of which users should be assigned which applications grows difficult to manage for IT alone.

Citrix created Dazzle mainly to resolve this problem. While still letting administrators choose which applications are exposed to which users, Dazzle creates a self-service storefront where users can select the applications they need. Dazzle removes some of the effort in managing users and applications by letting users determine which applications they want. Selecting applications (whether published or streamed) automatically makes them available in the Start Menu or on the desktop.

In addition to giving more power to users to determine which applications they need, Dazzle can also (in combination with other Citrix components) manage licenses and installations to help you identify whether applications are being used appropriately. Ensuring licensing compliance is also handled, to make sure users don't consume more licenses than you currently possess.

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