Q: What services does vShield Edge provide?

A: Networks have special requirements when their configuration goes beyond the traditional LAN, such as DMZs and VPN extranets. They can also be the networks that extend internal services into the cloud. Being different than a typical LAN, their connections must be secured, firewalled, and properly routed to ensure network protection. Managing these services "at the edge" of the network is a common tactic.

vShield Edge provides a suite of common gateway services that support such security requirements. Its services include firewall protection with network ACLs, DHCP, VPNs, NAT, and load balancing. Linked directly into the vSphere environment, vShield Edge applies these rules on vCenter port groups, vNetwork Distributed Switch port groups, and the Cisco Nexus 1000V.

If you’re considering extending your LAN into the public cloud for Hybrid Cloud Computing, vShield Edge’s gateway services are designed to ensure VMs hosted elsewhere can securely connect back into your LAN.

TAGS: Security
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