Q: What extra steps are necessary to add a vSphere 5 host to a XenDesktop 5.5 site?

A: Citrix XenDesktop 5.5 is fully ready to support virtual machines (VMs) atop vSphere 5; however, you might experience a problem with your initial connection if you don't follow these simple steps. Before you create a site using vSphere VMs, open Internet Explorer and navigate to your vCenter Server's HTTPS URL. For a vCenter Server named xdc1.company.pri, this URL will resemble https://xdc1.company.pri.

You should be greeted with the standard warning screen that notes that the server's certificate isn't trusted. Click to accept the security warning. When the vCenter Server's web page appears, click the red Certificate Error box in the Security Status bar. In the drop-down menu, click View certificates.

The screen that results includes a link for installing the vCenter Server's certificate. Click Install Certificate, then click Next. In the wizard page that follows, select Place all certificates in the following store, then click Browse. Select the Show physical stores check box and navigate to Trusted People, Local Computer. You'll need to install the certificate into this location.

Although the notification associated with the vCenter Server's web page most likely won't change from its red, untrusted state, at this point you'll be able to connect your XenDesktop site to vSphere's resources.

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