Q. What command line utilities are available in Citrix XenApp 6?

A. If managing your Citrix XenApp 6 server from the Citrix Delivery Services Console isn't your thing, you should know that many of the commands you've used XenApp's previous versions remain available in this new release.

Specifics about each command are available on this Citrix site. The following list of command line utilities is available on a Citrix XenApp 6 server for administration:

Command: Description

•  altaddr: Specify server alternate IP address.

•  app: Run application execution shell.

•  auditlog: Generate server logon/logoff reports.

•  change: client Change client device mapping.

•  ctxkeytool: Generate farm key for IMA encryption.

•  ctxxmlss: Change the Citrix XML Service port number.

•  dscheck: Validate the integrity of the server farm data store.

•  dsmaint: Maintain the server farm's data store.

•  enablelb: Enable load balancing for servers that fail health monitoring tests.

•  icaport: Configure TCP/IP port number used by the ICA protocol on the server.

•  imaport: Change IMA ports.

•  query: View information about server farms, processes, ICA sessions, and users. The query command uses a set of extra nouns to identify which XenApp component should be queried for data. Those nouns are: query farm, query process, query session, query termserver, and query user.

These command line utilities are available on each server, but this version of Citrix XenApp leans heavily on Windows PowerShell for many command line functions. PowerShell exposure for Citrix XenApp is found in the XenApp 6 PowerShell SDK, which can be downloaded from Citrix.

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