Q: If I want to use a pure Microsoft virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or Remote Desktop Services (RDS) solution, are there clients for my non-Windows devices that support RDP?

A: Many organizations are looking at supporting multiple types of devices, including phones, slates, thin clients, and home machines. But these organizations still want to access their Windows applications. The solution is to run the Windows OS in the data center. You can use either using traditional presentation virtualization (which is commonly called Terminal Services), where many users connect to one or more server OS instances, or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (where each user connects to a separate virtualized client OS).

In a pure Microsoft solution, the protocol used for the communication is RDP, and a client is provided for RDP for Windows OSs through the Remote Desktop Connection application. Microsoft also provides a client for Mac OS, but not for other platforms, such as Linux, iOS, or Android. However, Microsoft partners provide RDP clients for pretty much all the major platforms out there. Some key partners to check out are Citrix, Wyse, and Quest, but there are plenty of others out there.

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