Q. If I try to use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to connect directly into my Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) in redirection mode, the connection fails. What can I do?

A. When an RDSH is in redirection mode, it expects to be passed the name of the VDI pool you want to connect to. So if you try to RDP directly into the RDSH redirection server, the connection will fail. Ideally, you should be connecting through a connection or the web host that has the VDI properties populated to allow connection. If you want to be able to directly connect to the redirection server, you can configure a default pool on the redirection server by doing the following:

  1. Start the registry editor.
  2. Move to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\ClusterSettings.
  3. From the Edit menu, select Create New, String value
  4. Enter a name of DefaultTsvUrl and press Enter.
  5. Double-click the value and enter
  6. tsv://vmresource.1.<VDI pool ID>

    For example,


    and press Enter.

  7. Close the registry editor.

Now when you connect to the RDSH you'll be redirected to the VDI pool you configured. If you get an error that the target doesn't match the name you entered, try the IP address instead—that should fix it.

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