Q: If I perform a test failover on my Hyper-V Replica, does replication continue from the primary during the test?

A: Hyper-V Replica features several different types of failover modes. One of the types is test failover (the others are planned and unplanned), which allows the Hyper-V Replica virtual machine (VM) to be tested on the replica server with any failover settings that have been configured, such as failover IP settings.

When a test failover is performed on the replica server, a temporary VM is created from the recovery point selected using the failover network settings, while the main replica VM is left untouched and continues to receive replication from the primary VM. What this means is that replication does continue during a test failover operation.

This makes using the fest failover a process that can be performed to test the replica health and to practice the failover process without affecting the replication process, and thus it can be done frequently. It's common to perform test failovers monthly.

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