Q: I set up the file share for a Hyper-V virtual machine but got an Access Denied message--why?

A: Although Windows Server 2012 (formerly code-named Windows Server 8) Hyper-V can store virtual machines (VMs) on a Windows Server 2012 file share (SMB 2.2), the file share can't actually be hosted on a Hyper-V server that stores VMs on the self-hosted file share.

On the server hosting the file share, you need to use the direct file path and not the file share.

The best guidance is not to host the file shares on a Hyper-V server but on a separate Windows Server 2012 file server, which could even be a VM running on one of the Hyper-V servers (which is what I did in my environment).

See FAQs on Windows Server 2012, virtualization, systems management, and all things Microsoft, at John Savill's FAQs.

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