Q: How do I Install vShield Manager into vCenter?

A: VMware vShield arrives as four separate packages that can be licensed in various combinations: vShield Zones, vShield Edge, vShield App, and vShield Endpoint.

Each the packages is a virtual appliance, as is the vShield management server, vShield Manager. You can download an Open Virtualization Archive (OVA) file that will install and configure their virtual appliances into vSphere.

A port group is necessary for vShield Manager’s management interface. That management interface must be reachable by all existing vShield instances.

Once installed and powered on, configuring vShield Manager’s settings is done via its console command-line interface. Use admin and default as the initial username and password at first logon. Type enable to enter Enabled Mode and when prompted, enter default as the password. Then, type setup to start the command-line setup wizard.
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