Q. How do I enable Item Level Recovery (ILR) for Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs) protected by Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2010?

A. DPM provides the ability to recover individual items from a protected Hyper-V VM. You can navigate the file system of the VM from within the DPM 2010 console and recover information, as shown here.

Recovering with the DPM console

To enable this capability within DPM, the Hyper-V role must be installed on the DPM 2010 server, because the ILR works through the Hyper-V WMI Provider for the mounting of the Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs) so individual files can be recovered. The Hyper-V role is required to enable VHD mounting from Windows Server 2008 because only Server 2008 R2 has native support for VHD mounting without the Hyper-V role.

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