Q: How do I create a native NIC team in a Windows Server 2012 VM running on Hyper-V?

A: The native NIC teaming capability built into Windows Server 2012 is disabled by default for virtual machine (VM) virtual network adapters. However, it can be enabled very easily via Windows PowerShell by using the Set-VmNetworkAdapter cmdlet on the Hyper-V host and the -AllowTeaming On switch (which essentially allows MAC spoofing). 

To enable for all virtual network adapters for a specific VM, pipe the output from the Get-VMNetworkAdapter command for the VM name to the Set-VmNetworkAdapter command. For example:

Get-VMNetworkAdapter  | Set-VMNetworkAdapter -AllowTeaming On


Get-VMNetworkAdapter Scratch2012 | Set-VMNetworkAdapter -AllowTeaming On

This can also be performed as part of the network adapter advanced features in the NIC Teaming section, which the screen shot shows.

NIC Teaming in a VM

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