Q. How can I submit virtualization questions for Greg to answer?

Have you seen all the great questions and answers from Greg on the Greg Shields on Virtualization page? Of course you have! Who doesn't want some free advice or questions answered from time to time?

But what about your specific problems? How can you get answers to the questions that are plaguing your virtual environment? Send them to [email protected] or use our online form.

While Greg can't answer every question, he pledges to respond to every inquiry. The best questions will make their way to this website, where they can be shared with others. And, your questions are always better than the ones Greg dreams up, because they fit your real-world problems (rather than his!).

When submitting questions, please send as much information about the problem as possible. This includes any necessary log files, exact wording on error messages, and specific behaviors, particularly when the problem can be definitively replicated.

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