Q. How can I quickly connect to a Hyper-V server's child partition?

A. First, install and open the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Hyper-V Manager snap-in. Then find the \Program Files\Hyper-v folder, which contains a number of tools, including vmconnect.exe—the client used to actually connect to a Hyper-V virtual machine (VM). You can use vmconnect.exe to bypass the server that hosts the child partition and connect directly to the child partition. The following command connects the local computer to the testvirt01 VM running on the local server.

C:\program files\hyper-v\vmconnect %localcomputername% testvirt01

(Substitute your local computer’s name for localcomputername.) To avoid typing c:\program files\hyper-v each time you want to access one of the Hyper-V folder's tools, add ";c:\program files\hyper-v" to the System path variable list in the environment variables section of the System Properties dialog box.

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