Q. How can I organize my Microsoft Terminal Services Client (MSTSC) full screen embedded remote session tabs?

A. When you remote into a session using MSTSC in full screen mode, you get a connection bar at the top of the screen. If you then connect to another session from within that session, it can get very confusing to see where you're connected and slow to jump back to a specific session, because the connection bars overlap.

It's possible to organize the connection bars so you can see the levels of connection. For example, I connected to savdalbfs01 first and then connected to savdaldc10 from within the savdalbfs01 session. I just select the bar and drag it to the position I desire, which makes it easy to see the layers of connectivity and easy to jump back to your native desktop or to the first remote desktop connection. Make sure you have the connection bars pinned so they're always displayed.


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