Q: How can I install or update the Hyper-V Integration Services outside of the Insert Integration Services Setup Disk action menu in the Virtual Machine Connection window?

A: When you select the Insert Integration Services Setup Disk action option for a virtual machine (VM), behind the scenes the C:\Windows\System32\vmguest.iso file is attached to the VM. Either the setup.exe in the support\amd64 or support\x86 folder is run, depending on the architecture of the OS in the VM. (See also, "Q. Where is Integration Services for Hyper-V?").

If you want to deploy the Integration Services outside of the Hyper-V manager, extract the content of the vmguest.iso file. This can be done with any ISO tool such as Magic ISO Maker.

Then call the setup.exe from the architecture you need to install the Integration Services. The /quiet switch can be used with the setup.exe to make the installation silent. If you want to track the process, a search for MsiInstaller event logs in the Application Event Log could be scanned.

In the event of detailed troubleshooting, look at either the C:\Windows\vmguestsetup.log file or the C:\Windows\vmguestsetup.msi.log file.

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