Q. How can I check which VM Worker Process relates to a particular virtual machine (VM)?

A. For each VM (guest) running on Hyper-V, a VM Worker Process (vmwp.exe) is created by the Virtual Machine Management Service (vmms.exe). This process manages the VM, but each of these processes is just called vmwp.exe and it's not obvious which vmwp.exe process is for which VM.

Fortunately, you can use the Sysinternals Process Explorer tool and look at each of the vmwp.exe processes. In the Image tab, the command line that was used to start the process is shown, including the GUID of the VM, as shown here.

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You can then match this GUID to the GUID of the VM. You can easily see the GUID of a VM by looking at the name of the XML configuration file for the VM, named .xml.

Knowing which vmwp.exe relates to each VM can be very useful if you have a VM that won't stop and need to kill the vmwp.exe process for that VM.

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