Q. Can I define multiple graphics cards or monitors for a Hyper-V virtual machine (VM)?

A. The answer is no, you can’t create multiple graphics adapters for a child partition in Hyper-V. Realistically, why would you want to?

When you access a child partition through the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Hyper-V Manager snap-in, the connection client used (vmconnect) supports a display size of up to 1600 × 1200 pixels. This is pretty big, but you’ll probably access the VM via RDP. RDP gives you more flexibility in sharing resources such as the Clipboard, printers, and disks and allows much larger display sizes. The version included with Windows Server 2008 supports displays up to 4096 × 2048, which is enough to span multiple monitors (unless you have a really huge display!). With this in mind, there really isn’t a need for multiple graphics adapters on a VM because VMs have no video out ports. If you want a multi-monitor display, use RDP to connect to the VM.

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