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Product Brief: vDesk VDI Edition

On Feb. 7 RingCube announced the release of vDesk for VDI, a virtual desktop infrastructure tool.

RingCube's focus with the new product is making it as easy as possible to roll virtual desktops out quickly to large numbers of users, allowing companies to get returns on their VDI investments as quickly as possible. It integrates with VMware View or Citrix XenDesktop and provides capabilities such as an offline mode, where users can check out a machine for use when traveling somewhere network access isn't available.

RingCube's reps told me many organizations have deployed VDI pilots or have a small number of users actively using them, but have found it difficult to get more users onto VDI. To get a benefit from VDI though, lots of people in an organization need to be using it. vDesk VDI Edition aims to help with tools for allowing users to customize their VMs, decrease storage requirements, and make deployment easier.

See RingCube's announcement here or see more about the product here.

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