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Product Brief: ManageEngine Applications Manager adds Hyper-V support

ManageEngine announced on Jan. 18 that its Applications Manager product can now manage Hyper-V, in addition to VMware's products.

Applications Manager manages (of course, haha) and monitors a wide variety of playforms in addition to the big hypervisors, including Amazon EC2, Remote Desktop Services, and Windows Essential Businesses Server. The company says mixed environments, including virtualization, cloud services, and databases are a trend, but there aren't a lot of products out there that handle such environments.

According to a release from ManageEngine, the product is able to keep track of several aspects of Hyper-V:

ManageEngine Applications Manager tracks multiple key performance indicators of Hyper-V servers, such as Hypervisor CPU usage, system services, networking, virtual storage, virtual network stats and more. These metrics allow IT administrators to easily understand how well their Hyper-V resources are being utilized and helps them provision server resources. It also provides administrators the ability to track compliance with service level agreements and ensure a superior quality experience to their end users.

A free 30-day trial of Applications Manager is available. It starts at $1,590 for the professional version of the product with the Hyper-V monitor.

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