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Product Brief: AutoVirt 3.5

AutoVirt is a storage virtualization tool—it basically allows you to treat all the diverse storage servers on your network as a single drive. (It's highly configurable and that's a simplification of what it does, but I think that gets the idea across.) I wrote about it back in 2009, when it was at version 3.0. Well apparently AutoVirt doesn't find it necessary to raise their version number every year (and good for them) because AutoVirt 3.5 was released recently.

New in this release is the ability for AutoVirt to assess your storage and classify it into tiers. It can analyze where your documents are stored and make sure only certain types of document are stored in a certain tier. The new version can also treat cloud storage as another tier, letting you integrate your offsite storage with your onsite storage and managing all of it.

It also gathers information about your files, and can tell you things like what file types you have, who owns them, and how old they are. AutoVirt's rep told me that these features have been popular with larger companies.

AutoVirt is entirely software-based—you just need to get a couple of VMs running to be able to use it.

Trials and more information about AutoVirt are available on the AutoVirt website.


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