New & Improved - 27 Mar 2008

Operating System Virtualization
Managing an increasingly virtualized IT infrastructure is the focus of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.0, a container-based server virtualization product from Parallels, Inc. According to the vendor, Virtuozzo Containers 4.0 allows IT pros to partition single OS installations into scalable virtual environments called ‘containers’ that can help optimize the use of available hardware resources. This latest release introduces improved backup capabilities, support for Windows Server 2003 and Red Hat clustering services. Hardware resources can now be optimized in real time, and new hardware device forwarding and device sharing features have also been added. For more information, contact Parallels at 425-282-6400 or visit

Storage/Backup and Recovery
Optimize Key DPM 2007 Tape Archive Functions
FalconStor Software announced that it has successfully tested all its virtual tape library (VTL) storage solutions with Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007. IT storage planners and architects can now combine DPM 2007 with new and existing heterogeneous environments by integrating FalconStor VTL features with multiple backup applications that share tape library resources. For more information, contact FalconStor at 866-669- 3252 or visit

Analyze Source Code
Fortify Software Inc. has released Fortify SCA 5.0, the latest release of their source code analysis software. Designed to help developers find security issues with the programs that they develop, Fortify SCA 5.0 also introduces a number of new features, ranging from a security rules wizard to enhanced collaboration functionality that allows teams of developers to more easily work together on shared projects. Fortify SCA 5.0 supports a variety of programming languages, including COBOL, JavaScript (Ajax), PHP, and classic ASP/VB script. For more information, contact Fortify Software at 650-358-5600 or visit

Exchange Security
Protect and Secure Email
Keeping email secure is the focus of PostGuard, a new hosted email security service from Sentinare Messaging Solutions. According to Sentinare, the PostGuard service screens email content prior to its arrival at the email server. Sentinare’s email data center removes spam, viruses and other malicious email content, and then forwards approved email messages to user inboxes. IT pros can also manually configure blacklists and whitelists, which can improve the accuracy of the service. For more information, contact Sentinare at [email protected] .com, call 877-727-9786, or visit

Portable Software
Make Work Environments Portable
Intranet Sdn Bhd has announced updated versions of their my.encoder, my.backup, my.shredder, and portable software applications. SmarThumb my.encoder protects files with sophisticated encryption; my.backup is designed for saving and restoring files and applications; my.shredder erases files using a secure method that makes them difficult to recover; and can be used to compress files to a more manageable size. SmarThumb applications run on Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 20000. Pricing begins at $15.90 for a single license. For more information, contact SmarThumb at [email protected] or visit

Exchange Archiving
Search and Secure Email for e-discovery
Lucid8 has released DigiScope 2.0, the latest version of their email e-discovery search tool for Microsoft Exchange. Key new features of the new release include: the ability to repair .PST and .EDB files; ability to export selected search results in a variety of formats; a new physical deduplication feature that eliminate redundant search results; and improved support for native Outlook email, contact and calendar items. DigiScope 2.0 also supports DigiVault 2.0, Lucid8’s forthcoming Continuous Data Protection (CDP) product for Microsoft Exchange. For more information, contact Lucid8 at 425-456-8462 or visit

Read about the April product spotlight: Microsoft Robert 2008 in “Systems Management: Automate and Simplify Windows Server 2008,” InstantDoc ID 98546.
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