New & Improved - 26 Sep 2007

Windows IT Pro takes a look at new and improved products.

Product Spotlight
Exchange Backup
Protect and Recover Exchange Server Data

In an effort to simplify data backup and recovery on Microsoft Exchange Server systems, Appassure has unveiled Replay for Exchange. This new application promises to give Exchange admins some extra resources to keep their Exchange server ecosystems protected against catastrophic failures and to simplify the search and recovery of Exchange data.

Appassure CEO Najaf Husain claims that Replay for Exchange is the "only real-time Exchange backup and recovery solution that lets you roll back Exchange from a single message to the entire server—to any point in time—in just minutes." Backup and recovery speed is a key feature of the product, allowing admins to quickly recover Exchange servers corrupted by bad data, malware, viruses, and other glitches.

That capability also drills down to the individual mailbox level, allowing admins to search and restore individual email messages directly to existing Exchange mailboxes or PST files, all with a few mouse clicks.

Replay for Exchange works independently of your network, storage, and server hardware and is compatible with virtualization technologies from Microsoft and VMware. It also fully supports both x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) platforms.

Replay for Exchange starts at $1,995 for mailbox servers; licenses for domain controllers and additional Exchange 2007 role servers are $795 apiece. For more information, contact Appassure at 703-547-8686 or go to

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SharePoint Management
Control SharePoint Access and Permissions

Managing access control policies for SharePoint is the focus of Securent's Entitlement Management Solution 3.0. This new version of the software is the first entitlement management product to support Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. The new release enables enterprises to establish, manage, and monitor access control policies to SharePoint resources such as Web content, search queries, individual documents, and document libraries. For more information, call 650-625-9400 or go to

Remote Administration
Manage Clients and Servers Remotely

Matrix42 has announced the release of Empirum Remote Control 3.0, an update to its remote systems management software. In addition to allowing administrators to remotely manage servers and client computers, the new version employs an improved compression process to enhance performance during remote system access. The software also introduces support for Web cameras, real-time chat, and VoIP for remote administration sessions. Users can integrate Remote Control 3.0 into their existing Matrix42 Empirum product architecture or use the application as a standalone product. For more information, contact Matrix42 at 404-923-8380 or visit the company's Web site at

Document Management
Create and Manage Secure Documents
Workshare has released Workshare Professional 5, the latest update to its document control product. The new version provides support for document life cycle management in Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Vista and improved protection from information leaks. The company claims that Workshare Professional is the first product to generate and manage security-enhanced, leak-proof PDF documents. Other new features include the ability to track document changes (with changes now stored separately from the source file) and a One-to-Many DeltaView feature that allows easy comparison of multiple documents and their changes and versions. A one-year license for Workshare Professional is $175 per user; perpetual licenses are $349 per user plus annual maintenance. Other pricing options and upgrade discounts are also available. For more information, contact Workshare at 415-975-3855 or visit the vendor's Web site at

Backup and Recovery
Manage Mixed-Media Backup and Recovery

Symantec recently announced an update to Veritas NetBackup, which lets network admins use one tool to manage a variety of backup storage media, including tape, disks, and virtual tape libraries. New features include enhanced support for disk-based backup, native data deduplication, operability with intelligent backup appliances, and granular data recovery for virtual machines and enterprise applications. A capacitybased pricing model is also available. NetBackup 6.5 is a key part of Symantec's Storage United platform, which includes Veritas Enterprise Vault and Veritas CommandCentral Storage. For more information, contact Symantec at 408-517-8000 or go to

Virtualization Management
Manage Virtualized Resources

Virtualized resources are presenting new management, security, and compliance challenges, which Configuresoft hopes to address with the release of its Configuration Intelligence for Virtualization platform. Configuration Intelligence for Virtualization centralizes and automates security, configuration, auditing, and monitoring of virtual as well as physical assets. Dashboards show security and compliance status at a glance across the entire physical and virtual environment. For more information, contact Configuresoft at 719-447-4600 or visit

Tackle Security and Event Management

With system security, auditing, and regulation-compliance demands pressuring IT administrators, vendors such as NetIQ are responding with products that consolidate, monitor, and archive data generated by complex security infrastructures. With the release of NetIQ Security Manager (SM) 6.0 with Change Guardian for Windows, NetIQ tackles user monitoring, change auditing, and threat detection. SM uses Microsoft's file system filter drivers and includes TRACE, a proprietary log management technology. For more information, contact NetIQ at 919-767-0200 or visit

Network Administration
Streamline Network Inventory Tasks

To ease one of the more thankless tasks of IT administrators, Crow Canyon Systems has introduced CCS Network Inventory. At definable intervals, an auto-discovery option finds and records new and changed assets in the network. The product integrates with Crow Canyon's Outlook HelpDesk, which helps optimize the process of identifying and resolving user requests for assistance. For more information, contact Crow Canyon Systems at 707-746-5272 or visit

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