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Need Pro Tips on Virtualization? Get ‘em Here with Greg Shields

Oh, no! Not another blog on virtualization! With the IT world these days full of server virtualization, desktop virtualization, application virtualization, even storage virtualization, you’d think our industry would be getting tired of its infatuation with that six-syllable—and somewhat hard to type— buzzword.

And, yet, not. And, thus, here I am.

My name is Greg Shields, and it’s reasonably likely that you’ve read some of my articles somewhere at some point in the past. Writing, teaching, and consulting on all topics IT is how I spend my day, and I thank Windows IT Pro for the honor of expanding that career into these pages.

This community is indeed all about virtualization. In its content, you’ll soon find some of the very best up-to-the-second information about what’s going on in the world of virtualization.

But, different here will be a focus on the technical clicks and key presses that are a part of every virtual administrator’s daily life. You’re the one that’s planning, architecting, and implementing virtualization. You’re the one whose mobile device goes off when it goes down. You’re the one who needs to ensure that that late-night call never happens.

And at the same time you’re the one whose technology-focused career is slowly and finally being aligned with the rest of your business. Today’s business climate means that we in IT can no longer willy-nilly ask for products and solutions because we like them, or because we think what they do is “cool”. So, in this community, I’ll also share with you some ways to tune “virtualization your datacenter needs” with “virtualization your business needs.”

To that end, I’ve got a host of ideas – some conventional, some unconventional – on how you will better configure, architect, and otherwise work with your virtual environment. I’ll be sharing those ideas over time in this community.

Now, it’s the “community” in this community that is the most important part. That means that part of the job is also yours. That means interaction. You’ll see that part of this community involves the asking and answering of the pressing questions in virtualization. My Virtualization FAQs are fundamentally important in maintaining this site’s relevance over time.

That means that you need to ask questions. Can’t figure out why Tab A won’t fit into Slot B? Got this nagging error message that you just can’t figure out? Thinking about implementing or architecting your environment in some way, but want that warm fuzzy from an independent source, one that isn’t here to sell you anything?

I know you do, so ask away. It’s my job to dig up the answers. Send your questions, technical or otherwise, to [email protected]. Good questions will get answered in the FAQs section of this website.

Great to work with you again, and welcome to Virtualization Pro Tips.

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