Mixing Hyper-V Replica and Virtual Fibre Channel

Mixing Hyper-V Replica and Virtual Fibre Channel

Q: Can I use Hyper-V Replica if the virtual machine has Virtual Fibre Channel configured?

A: Hyper-V Replica is designed to provide disaster recovery replication of a virtual machine (VM) that's using virtual hard disks (VHD)/VHDX to another Hyper-V server in an asynchronous fashion. This assumes the VM's OS and data are in the VHD/VHDX files.

If you have VMs that are using Virtual Fibre Channel, then that data would be replicated using some kind of array-level replication.

It wouldn't be desirable to have some data replicated using array replication and other data using Hyper-V Replica, because in a failover, the replications wouldn't be in sync, giving a very unreliable experience.

Therefore, if you're using Virtual Fibre Channel for a VM, you can't use Hyper-V Replica. You should instead have the OS and app data on the Virtual Fibre Channel and replicate using the array-level replication capability.

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