Microsoft MVMC Release Causes Xtreme to Drop VM Migration Engine

Microsoft MVMC Release Causes Xtreme to Drop VM Migration Engine

On April 8, 2014 Microsoft released Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter 2.0 (MVMC), a free tool that provides organizations the ability to migrate VMware virtual machines to Hyper-V or to VHDs that can then be uploaded into Microsoft Azure.

This might all seem a bit familiar, if you remember that I announced that Xtreme Consulting Group released a similar tool, called Virtual Machine Migration Tool, in January 2014. Xtreme recognized the customer limitations in the original MVMC and developed and released their own free solution to fill the gaps in Microsoft's offering. At the time there were many differences between the two and Tim Mintner at Xtreme was kind enough to highlight them in an email interview.

With the release of MVMC 2.0, the Xtreme team is confident that Microsoft has done enough to cover the original gaps in the solution, so they are announcing the retirement of the PowerShell migration engine that was developed to be part of their overall contribution. Instead of using their own engine now, they will adapt their automation solution to fully utilize MVMC 2.0.

The System Center Orchestration Integration Pack is currently being updated to use Microsoft MAT and MVMC 2.0.

More information to come when update is complete.

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