Integration Services Disk Option in Hyper-V

Q: On my Windows Server vNext Hyper-V server, there's no option to insert the integration services disk; why?

A: Times have changed regarding how organizations use virtualization and how it's managed. In the early days of virtualization, it was common for virtualization administrators to also be domain administrators and have full administrator rights inside the virtual machines. This meant that to upgrade the virtualization integration services, the Hyper-V administrator could just insert the integration services disk, log on to the virtual machine, and apply the updated services. In today's organizations, it's very common for the virtualization administrator to not even have logon rights to the virtual machines, which means it isn't possible to update integration services by inserting an integration services disk and then running an installation process. Instead, Microsoft has moved the servicing and upgrade of Hyper-V integration services to be part of Windows Update, meaning services are now automatically updated without any action from the Hyper-V administrator. This is why the Insert Integration Services Setup Disk option is no longer available in the Action menu. The Hyper-V server no longer has the integration services; instead, they're serviced as part of the OS, the way they are for Linux.

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