IBM debuts new virtualization tools

IBM is rolling out a new set of virutalization tools, including a software platform designed to help enterprises quickly convert data centers to the cloud.

The new tool, currently available for beta deployment, has dynamic provisioning and server resource scheduling features that IBM claims can help IT professionals build a cloud environment “in minutes.” The platform also features an image management system designed to ease installation, configuration and automation of virtual servers. Overall, the system is meant to get enterprises to the cloud more quickly and help them manage things more easily once they’re there.

A report on comments on IBM’s drive for leadership in cloud migration:

“IBM seems interested in owning both the management, and the mindshare of top executives who worry about both efficiency and maintaining effective security and governance policies. That means offloading some scut work to public clouds, while retaining internal policies around data quality. As IBM builds out its own public cloud, it is likely to stress this ‘cheaper, with peace of mind’ approach more often. IBM’s new software is still a ‘one at a time’ provisioning approach, just really fast.”

Indeed, IBM appears well-positioned to capture a significant chunk of the market for cloud technology that IDC pegs at $45 billion by 2013. The speed-of-deployment play of this new platform, along with the purported low-touch management features, should have strong appeal to organizations making on-the-fly decisions about data resources as they migrate to the cloud.



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