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FAQ Roundup: RemoteFX

We run a lot of FAQs from some of the most knowledgeable experts in their fields. So in case you've missed them, here are some recent FAQs about RemoteFX.

Q. What's RemoteFX?

Q. What are the hardware requirements for a Hyper-V or Remote Desktop Services Host to take advantage of RemoteFX?

Q. How do I enable RemoteFX for my Windows 7 guest OSs?

Q. I've heard the 2008 R2 SP1 RemoteFX feature will improve the graphical experience for my VDI environments. Where does rendering take place with this feature, on the client, the server, or both?

Q. How do I enable RemoteFX USB redirection?

Q. Can I use the RemoteFX USB redirection capability without using the RemoteFX Virtual GPU capability for my VDI environment?

Q. If I use RemoteFX, will multimedia redirection be used?

Q. Can I use RemoteFX over WAN links?

Q. Will the initial release of Windows 7 Embedded support RemoteFX?

Q. Will there be any thin clients that support RemoteFX?

Q. What version of DirectX is available to RemoteFX virtual machines (VMs)?

Q. Will a normal RDS Session Host take advantage of RemoteFX?

Q. Do I need an RDS license if I enable RemoteFX on my Windows VDI VMs?

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