Enable Hyper-V Integration Services for a VM

Enable Hyper-V Integration Services for a VM

Q: How can I enable all Hyper-V integration services for a specific virtual machine?

A: While the Enable/Disable VMIntegrationService cmdlets allow a single integration service to be enabled, there's no wildcard capability to enable all.

However, you can enable all with a simple PowerShell command. Simply set the name of the virtual machine (VM) in the first part and last part of the command, and all integration services will be enabled.

Get-VMIntegrationService -VMName <virtual machine name> | ForEach-Object { Enable-VMIntegrationService -Name $_.Name -VMName <virtual machine name>}

Having to set the VM name twice is a pain, so the easiest way would be to save this in a .ps1 file and store the passed VM name in a parameter. For example:



Get-VMIntegrationService -VMName $vm | ForEach-Object { Enable-VMIntegrationService -Name $_.Name -VMName $vm}

Then I can just run it as

.\Enable-AllVMIntegrationServices.ps1 savdalda01

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