Create a new admin on an ESXi box

Create a new admin on an ESXi box

Q. How do I create a new admin user on an ESXi box?

A. I recently was configuring replication of an ESXi VM to Azure using Azure Site Recovery. As part of this an administrative account on the ESXi host is required. To create a new administrative user on ESXi via vCenter perform the following:

  1. Select the ESXi host in the vSphere client and select the Users tab when in Inventory workspace
  2. Right click on the user area and select Add...
  3. Enter a new login name, user name and password then click OK
  4. To make the new user an administrator right click on the ESXi host in the navigation pane and select Add Permission...
  5. Click Add and select the new user you added then click OK
  6. In the Assigned Role select Administrator then click OK
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