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Coming on Friday: Virtualization Video Training Tiplets!

You’ve asked, and this blog is answering.  You’ve asked for more in-depth training on the virtualization topics that are core to your job.  VMware ESX and vCenter, Hyper-V and System Center VMM, even Citrix XenServer and XenDesktop, you’re telling me that technical training is what you need.

Well, you’re about to get it.

Starting this Friday, this Virtualization Pro Tips blog begins a very subtle change in focus, moving away from analysis and news of the day and towards the core technical training that you’ve said you want.

One way you’ll get that training is with a new feature I call Video Training Tiplets

You’ve said that the real problem in today’s IT is finding the time to truly understand the technologies you’re charged with maintaining.  Maybe you’ve implemented a few ESX servers, but you can’t say you’ve really got a Virtual Infrastructure.  Perhaps you’ve built part of a Hyper-V environment, but scaling it any further requires training that you won’t soon get.  Maybe you’re responsible for a globally-distributed virtual datacenter, but still haven’t spent enough time with some of virtualization’s key topics.

That’s my job:  Getting you that training, in a bite-sized format that your hectic schedule can handle. 

Really digesting that training requires a format that you you can see, and feel, and touch.  That’s why Windows IT Pro’s Video Training Tiplets, the first of which you’ll see this Friday, are short videos that focus on solving specific problems in the world of IT.  Need to know how best to build a cluster in vCenter Server?  Want to see what ESXi v4.1 looks like, but just don’t have time to install it yourself?  Still confused about Hyper-V clustering, but don’t want to make changes to production servers?  These Video Training Tiplets are exactly the content your job needs.

Check back on Friday to get a quick peek at ESXi v4.1’s management and post-installation configuration screens.  Then, next week you’ll learn more about vCenter clusters and ESXi’s Lockdown Mode. 

Don’t stumble around in the dark with new technology.  Learn the right way to implement it with weekly video tiplets, all of which you’ll find right here.


And, don’t forget, if you have video training tiplet ideas that’ll make your job easier, send them to [email protected].

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