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VersaReports Announces Universal Report Server 1.3

VersaReports, a creator of reporting software products, announced its latest revision of Universal Report Server (URS), version 1.3. URS is a web report server that lets users view, schedule, manage, and run reports created by any .NET API report designer (e.g., SAP Crystal Reports, DevExpress XtraReports, Grape City/Data Dynamics ActiveReports, Telerik Reporting). URS 1.3 includes enhancements that improve the product's UI as well as new features that deliver on-demand scheduling and improve report distribution.

Among the new features and enhancements in URS 1.3 are:

  • integration of a user's report archive with nearly any portal via a secured RSS feed
  • report event notifications via email and Twitter
  • on-demand report scheduling
  • report and schedule duplication, which lets users quickly create new reports and schedules based on existing ones
  • improved report distribution features, including support for transmitting reports to other servers via FTP, Secure FTP or FTP over SSL
  • on-demand forwarding of existing reports to other users, a distribution list, an email account, or a remote server
  • improved report security with secured parameters
  • pop-up tool tips that provide users with detailed information about reports run on their behalf

Universal Report Server 1.3 is available in a free, 30-day trial version. For more information, go to

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