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Use Office 2010 to Map a Drive Letter to SkyDrive

Download Squad has some simple instructions for using Office 2010 (beta or final) to easily map a network drive to your 25 GB of free SkyDrive storage. I usually use a third-party tool like SDExplorer or Gladinet for this, but this is probably even easier.

Here's what you'll need to to turn your SkyDrive into your Z: drive (or whatever letter you choose):

  • Office 2010 -- a trial version or unexpired beta is fine
  • a Windows Live account
  • ...the ability to follow directions
That's about it. Let's go!

Thanks to everyone who's forwarded me this link. I was hoping to save this for the Windows 7 Tip of the Week next week on Windows Weekly, but it's pretty clear I can't wait that long.

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