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URGE alerts customers about changeover to Rhapsody

I received the following email today from MTV's URGE service:

We are writing to inform you about an important upcoming change to your URGE digital music service. As you might have heard, URGE has teamed up with Rhapsody to bring you an unparalleled digital music entertainment experience. The new Rhapsody unites RealNetworks' #1 digital music service with URGE's rich music programming, editorial and discovery features.

As a current URGE By The Track member, your account will be automatically transferred to a Rhapsody 25 account on Thursday, October 25th. What does this mean for your account?

  • Any URGE funds balance you have remaining will be transferred over to Rhapsody.

  • You can listen to 25 songs for free every month on your computer.

  • Your credit card information has been transferred to Rhapsody.

  • You can buy tracks and albums on Rhapsody.

  • Beginning on Friday, October 26th, you will no longer be able to access URGE.

With Rhapsody, you will continue to enjoy:
Unlimited access to millions of songs from thousands of artists, personalized playlists, customizable radio stations, original editorials and blogs from some of the best minds in music and much more.

The most exciting thing about this, of course, is that I won't have to see that URGE logo in Windows Media Player 11 anymore. 

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