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Microsoft Fluent Design Language: Materials and Lights In Your Apps Visual Layer

Microsoft first announced their new Fluent Design Language during Build 2017 and it is quickly making its way into most every iteration of Windows 10 from PC, tablet, and mobile devices.

In the last 24 hours it has also arrived in a big way with the first testing build of the upcoming Xbox One Fall Update, which is expected in the October timeframe, and it is spread throughout the new UI for the console.

That means as a Windows developer, you will want to be up to speed on this new design language as well. I know when I interact with users on social media it always amazes me how much people really like these simple tweaks in a UI.

Previously I have shared a lot of content here on the site about methods for implementing Fluent Design Language principles in your apps and this week we have another learning opportunity in that area.

This time it is all about creating materials and lights in your apps visual layer and wraps up a series they have been posting about using Fluent Design.

The article has all the code samples you need plus examples of the features from the Fluent Design Language in actual images/apps.

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