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TX Text Control Announces Joint Venture with GrapeCity (FarPoint)

TX Text Control and GrapeCity (FarPoint) have announced that they have formed a joint venture, called  The Document Automation Alliance, to support Microsoft Office document automation. TX Text Control and GrapeCity (FarPoint), which, respectively, provide word processing and Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet components, have formed the Alliance to provide developers a one-stop competence center to gain information on how to effectively automate Microsoft Office documents without attempting to deploy Microsoft Office, which can be a complicated process.

The Document Automation Alliance website features links to information and downloads for TX Text Control word processing components and Spread, GrapeCity's Excel-compatible spreadsheet component.

"The potential savings that can be gained by simply implementing document automation is enormous. We are extremely happy to have teamed with GrapeCity (FarPoint) to offer customers a complete document management package: Products and the required knowledge to best utilize those products," said Björn Meyer, Product Manager TX Text Control. And from Rick Williamson, General Manager of Developer Tools GrapeCity (FarPoint): "The integration of Microsoft Office document processing into business applications can be a complex task. We are glad to have TX Text Control as a partner to offer both Microsoft Excel and Word compatible products."

For more information, visit

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